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Alison James
Administration Assistant
  • CILEX Level III
  • Wildlife Warrior
  • Volunteer

As an integral part of the Pinnacle Landscape Solutions (PLSNQ) administration team, Alison ensures jobs are consistently booked in keeping the smooth operations of the team on the road running at optimum levels of efficiency and proficient communication.

Alison is also a dedicated wildlife warrior and an ongoing volunteer currently involved in the largest macropod relocation project in the world. At the head of the capture, transport, and release of 800 wallabies from Trinity Beach to safe release sites away from traffic and construction.

Alison gives orphaned joeys the love and care they need to survive. In January 2020, Alison found The Agile Project (TAP), a rescue group for agile wallabies, which live in northern Australia and other native wildlife.

TAP desperately needed help with the influx of orphaned kangaroo and wallaby joeys coming out of bushfire affect areas in SNW and Victoria. I’d love to look after a baby kangaroo! I thought, so I sent them a message offering to volunteer. Can you come now? They asked, replying almost immediately. I drove an hour from my home in Mossman, Queensland to TAP in Trinity Beach and was instantly put to work bottle-feeding orphaned joeys a special formula. Having moved from the UK by myself seven years earlier, the only exposure I’d had to Aussie wildlife was watching Skippy on TV. I was smitten by their little faces and tiny paws. That night I attended one of TAP’s carer courses, then I was ready to take home my first joey two days later.

This was a five-month-old agile wallaby orphan; she weighed just one kilogram. Named Margot Robbie, in a nod to a donation to the Aussie actress made to bushfire relief, the little joey needed bottle-feeding every four hours. She snuggled into a special bag made by other volunteers to mimic her mum’s pouch. Margot was in my care until she was big and strong enough to be released back into the world, seven months later.

Though it was sad to let her go, seeing her back where she belongs made it all worthwhile. When COVID-19 hit, it allowed me the extra time to take on more joeys. At one point I had 11 in my care and had eight portable costs set up in my lounge room for them. A few months later, I moved to Trinity Beach to be closer to family and TAP.

Doing a rescue course, I could then respond to calls about sick, injured or displaced wildlife and take them to get help. Our rescue hotline runs 24/7 to make sure we can respond to reports of animals in need straight away. Overt the last year, TAP has been called to 614 animals’ bit by cars. Sadly, most don’t survive, but out of almost 100 joeys rescued, I’ve looked after 77 of them. There’s no better feeling than raising a joey until it’s strong enough to be release, at around 12 months of age. I’ve also looked after bandicoots and antechinus a native mouse.

Landing a new full-time job in Administration with Pinnacle Landscape Solutions (PLSNQ), I told my new directors, Scott and Belinda about my volunteering. ‘Bring them with you!’ they encouraged. Now my current rescues, Eros the agile wallaby and Puddin’ the swamp wallaby, can often be found hopping around the office. When I first offered to help with bushfire orphans, I had no idea that joeys would take over my life. They’ve hopped straight into my heart.

Get involved with The Agile Project (TAP) | Visit website

Read more about Alison’s efforts to relocate wild wallabies to a secret, safe location in Far North Queensland project | October 2022



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